Cat Grooming in Cobham, Surrey, SW London

Our grooming is open to all, contact us to book an appointment

Grooming your cat is an essential part of their well being and health. As well as keeping your cat’s coat in tip top condition it is also a great way to check their health.


We groom everyday of the week and are open to non-residents too. 

Your cat needs regular coat maintenance as it will get greasy and may contain external parasites.

It is desirable that your cat is groomed regularly to avoid vet fees due to sedation costs, stress and health benefits.

We’ll get them looking like ‘the cats whiskers’.  

Cat Grooming Treatments & Prices. Effective 01 February 2020

Pure Indulgence - matt removal, wet shampoo wash, nail clipping, ear and eye clean, blow dry and brush out.

Pure Indulgence (short haired) - £46.00*

Pure Indulgence (long haired) - £58.00*

Pedicure - £9.00 (one cat) - £15.00 (two cats)


*Additional charges may occur if extra help is required and/or your cat is heavily matted


Thank you SO much for all your efforts with Moushka. She looks wonderful and was so relaxed after her 'pampering' that she slept all the way back in the car! Thanks again

Diana, Surrey

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