Breeds of Cat That Stay at Suma Farm Part I

Breeds of Cat That Stay at Suma Farm Part I

06 March 2014

Bengal (top two images)

The Bengal is a breed which has gained in popularity in recent years. The breed was created by crossing the wild Asian leopard cat with a domestic breed which created a cat resembling the Asian leopard cat in appearance, but with the temperament of a domestic cat. Most Bengals kept as pets are many generations away from their wild ancestors, with the lower generation crosses being kept for breeding or the specialist pet homes.

Two colours of Bengal are recognised by the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy in the UK, Brown and Snow, Both come in marble or spotted varieties.  Bengals are athletic cats, they are alert, friendly and curious of their surroundings. They are generally confident and often get up to mischief!

Although most cats are known for their dislike of water (myth not truth), Bengals generally love it! Owning a Bengal can mean you get joined in the bath and that you can never wash up in peace.  They also tend to love their food so it is important to ensure they are kept to a healthy weight.

Bengals make great pets for active households who want a playful, inquisitive cat who will want to be involved in everything that happens.


Abyssinian (bottom two images)

The Abyssinian is a breed which has become very popular in the United States. They are known for their unique short tickled coat which is light at the base of the hair strand with a darker tip giving a distinctive look similar to the Somali breed. They come in many colours including sorrel, blue and ruddy which is also known as original. All Abyssinian kittens are born with dark coats which gradually lighten over time to show their true colour.

They are very active and playful cats who will want to be involved in everything. They are very intelligent and this can get them into mischief if they are alone too much without regular stimulation. They are not generally lap cats due to their active nature but are still very affectionate and require lots of human interaction to keep them content. They generally get on well with other cats and some other pets, although they are known as very talented hunters for small pets and birds should not be kept in the same house. 

With proper care Abyssinians make wonderful pets for people who want a loving, active and playful cat. They are gaining in popularity in the UK but finding a good breeder can sometimes be a little tricky, but worth it when you bring home your cute fluff ball!

At Suma Farm Cat Hotel we look after many different breeds of cat who board and also come to get groomed here in our Surrey based cattery. We will write about other breeds of cats soon so keep looking at our news page......