Breeds of Cat That Stay at Suma Part 2

Breeds of Cat That Stay at Suma Part 2

09 March 2015

Devon Rex (LEFT)

The Devon Rex is a unique breed of cat that is thought to have originated in Devonshire, England in the late 1950’s. The story goes that a Miss Cox found a stray pregnant cat which then eventually gave birth to the Devon Rex we know today (Which she decided to call Kirlee). The Devon Rex does not look like most cats due to its large ears, which gives the impression that they are always alert and ready for anything. This would be very true for the breed as they are very playful and energetic and love playing with their owners. Due to their Inquisitive nature Devon Rex’s will always be wanting to know what you’re doing, you may be washing the dishes and all the time hearing chirping and the cat rubbing up against you trying to find ways to help. Here at Suma farm we rarely get this particular breed in our care so whenever we do we cherish our time with them.

The Devon Rex gave a short coat that is in a rippling pattern this can either be right with a kink in the fur or loose with a slight wave in the fur. Their coat comes in alot of colours and patterns such as: Pointed, Bi-colour, Smokey, Tabby, Calico, Harlequin, Solid, Shaded and Tortoise Shell.

Maine Coon (RIGHT)

The Maine Coon is one of the larger breeds here at Suma cat hotel. Although some may think that the cat is intimidating due to its size, don’t be fooled as they are very friendly to just about anything such as people, other cats and children. Many people have named the Maine Coon the “Gentle Giant” they are very good therapy cats due to their kind and loving nature, they are also great companion and family cats. It was thought that the breed went extinct in the 1950’s although this rumour was quickly distinguished by dedicated and persistent breeders. The Maine Coon was extremely popular in the early 20th century but once other long haired breeds were introduced their popularity slowly declined.

The Maine Coon is an intelligent breed that is easily trainable and is quite “Dog Like”. This breed shall give you hours upon hours of enjoyment although they can be quite intrusive and will want to know what you are up to. Maine Coons are also very fond of water; they will tend to apart from drink it, Play in it, sit in it, wash their food in it or even just sit there and watch it.

The Maine Coon also has one distinguishing feature that may come as a surprise to alot of people, they can have an extra toe which can facilitate walking on snow and are often comapred to snowshoes. This presumably can also help them swim due to their water loving nature. So this is the reason that they have such large feet. We do get Maine Coons fairly often at Suma farm and like all of our other cats we love to spend time with them especially due to their sweet personalities.