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Help a cat in need!! Please read!!

Help a cat in need!! Please read!!

14 August 2014

Hi Everyone I'm a client of Suma - my cat boards there (Misha Walsh) Please take the time to read this thanks -

Those of you who know me at all will know that I am passionate about animal welfare and especially close to my heart are our feline companions.

Last Friday Tina, Ellie, Andy (warehouse) & I rescued a mother cat (6 months old) and her last surviving kitten; who was in need of urgent medical attention. They were living rough in the grounds of the AVMI car park here in Sunbury, the mother cat was extremely friendly and after securing the kitten they were taken to the vets for assessment. The mother cat (now named LuLu by her foster family) was extremely underweight and clearly starving; sadly her kitten has injured its left front leg and the resulting injury was now infected with maggots, the vet cleaned them both up and they received medical attention. Andy then fostered them for the weekend until a more permanent foster home could be found through Animal Rescue & Care and they have both now been transferred into their care. A picture of LuLu can be seen here

The reason I am writing is the kitten whom I have unofficially name Matilda Blue (Maybe for short) has yet another hurdle to overcome in the rough start to her life at just over two weeks old she is having surgery to remove her front left leg, we have been advised if she survives she will have a good quality of life as an indoor pet.

I know everyone is always asking for something but I really want to help this charity as they are giving Maybe every chance to survive – so I have kicked off this appeal with a personal donation of £50.00.

Thanks for taking the time to read this – please give what you can even if it’s just the change in your pocket – I have set up a JustGiving Page