Testimonials for Suma Farm Cattery

I have been bringing my cat/s to Suma for some 20/25 years and can only recommend the cattery 100%. My cats are looked after so well I dont think they mind coming to you!

The reception staff and carers are charming and efficient  and always ready to provide the meals that my cat is used to at home which certainly keeps her happy.

Thank you for your service over the years.

Owner of Blossom - Leatherhead

We have been leaving Buddy at Suma Farm for a few years now. We leave him knowing that the wonderful Lucy and her team give him all the care he needs plus some!! We have left him for pretty long periods at times but when we collect him he is always chilled, content and has obviously been totally loved. We travel over 20 miles to get there but would travel twice the distance, we love it!! 

Owner of Buddy - London

We have been using Suma Cat Farm for the last 7 years and its truly a home away from home for Snowy. When we go on holiday we feel really comfortable that we are leaving Snowy to be looked after, cared for and loved. The level of service is exceptional and nothing is too much trouble. We wouldn’t leave Snowy with anyone else. We love getting our Facebook updates where we can see what Snowy has been getting up to. Thank you.

Owner of Snowy - Farnborough, Surrey

Heidi has never been so beautiful after her grooming session and her coat is like silk. The staff at Suma couldn't have been kinder and the atmosphere is lovely up there at the cat hotel on the hill.  I  wouldn't mind staying for a few days...  I'll keep taking the medication!

Owner of Heidi and Odin - East Horsley

Coco and Elsa have been vacationing at Suma Farm since they were kittens (over 10 Years).

They always love their holidays and come home looking happy and healthy. It's a great relief  when I am travelling that I can always rely on the wonderful staff at Suma Farm to give them the best care and attention - only the very best for my special little friends.

Thank you all at Suma Farm.

Owner of Coco and Elsa - West London

Lulu always enjoys her stay at Suma Farm and we have peace of mind that she is being looked after by such a wonderful team.

Owner of Lulu - Cobham, Surrey

My two mainecoons Georgi and Misty seem to really enjoy their stay at Suma Farm, last time they visited they both had a Spa Treatment and came back beautifully groomed and matt free. I know that they get well looked after with lots of cuddles. I couldn't think of a better place for my special furry mates when I go away and would thoroughly recommend Suma Farm Cat Hotel as the place to go.

Owner of Georgi and Misty - Cobham, Surrey

The staff at Suma are amazing and really get to know your cat. Last time we picked our boys up from a short stay they were more pleased to see the girl who showed us to their room than us! Always excellent care and good service.

Owner of Michael and Bonkers - Tolworth, Surrey

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